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On the 21st March 2019 the GOLD medal fetched!!

Nana's Manners- that's the clever children's cutlery for children from three years old. Designed to make it easier for children to use the cutlery, to increase their self-confidence and abilities, and to relieve parents and teachers.

This is how it all began: The success story of a unique idea began in the school room of London. Kathryn is the inventor of Nana's Manners, primary school teacher & Mama. When you realized in your 30-year-old class that only 2 could really eat properly with a knife and fork, she started researching how to teach her children the right food. There were all the everyday helpers such as pencil handles, exercise scissors, simple handlebars, but not a single cutlery for this age that supported learning their skills. So the idea was born to develop something of its own...

The idea

From the eyes of a child, expanded with educational knowledge, something new has been developed here. Nana's Manners children's cutlery is designed to help you and your child to train eating with knives and forks and to learn the cutting technique yourself. The handles are so specially designed that it is uncomfortable to hold the wrong one. Only when knives and forks are in the right hands, they quickly notice first successes and want to do everything on their own soon, because now it finally works!

Right & Learn to play links

Included in the delivery are labels in two different colors to learn how to properly hold the cutlery in which hand. So you can playfully support your sprout sling one is glued to the tip of the pointer, the other to the fork. The second color is also on the tip of the pointer and one on the knife. If you agree with the statements below, you have found THE solution.

🧡Iwants my child to learn to eat properly with a knife & fork
🧡Iwants my child to learn to cut safely
🧡Iwants it to feel safe at school or on a class trip while eating
🧡Iattach great importance to good table manners 
🧡I wishr more relaxed family meals 
🧡I layhighest value for quality and sustainability
🧡Idoes not want to spend money
🧡Ino longer have the nerves to explain to my child in which hand the knife & in which hand the fork belongs 
🧡 You like to distinguish between smart ideas left and right
🧡 Your child is between 3-9 years old
🧡 You want practical help in everyday life


  • Not suitable for the dishwasher!
  • Ergonomically slip-resistant handles
  • Dimensions:18 x 3 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 90.7g
  • Material: 18/8 stainless steel
  • Included in the product range: knife, fork, finger sticker

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