Liebwerk - Beech wood toothbrush for adults - 100% Swiss Made

  • 6.00 CHF

Weil brushing teeth not only healthy LiebWerk

Erbach donates 5% of the turnover generated by the wood toothbrush to the WWF rainforest project.

The beautiful wood toothbrushes are made entirely in Switzerland – from the purchase of FSC-certified Swiss beech wood to the production, which takes place 100% in Switzerland. The toothbrushes are also available with three different engraved designs.

The engravings of the Liebwerk toothbrushes represent different climate zones and their tree species: a tropical palm the sea, the deciduous tree and an evergreen Nordic conifer.Liebwerk want to reflect the versatility and beauty of our nature and with different engravings makes it possible to avoid confusing in the bath. True to the motto: every family member his tree :-)

We recommend changing the toothbrush after about two months of use. The bristles are softer for gentle and thorough cleaning, than, for example, hydrophilic "extra soft"

To dispose of the bristle head and dispose of it in household waste. The handle is 100% biodegradable and can be composted or creatively reused! In this way, the handle receives a second life as soil fertilizer, as a means of production for the production of heat, electricity and fuel or even for crafting.

The carton packaging is 100% recyclable and will in turn be used for the production of carton or packaging.


Where are the toothbrushes made?

The Liebwerk toothbrushes are manufactured in Toggenburg, St.Gallen. Our manufacturer is a local manufacturer of dental care products that guarantees that our toothbrushes are of the highest quality and meet modern standards of dental care. After purchasing the raw materials, the entire production takes place at a single location, from the shaping of the wooden handles, to the placement of the bristles to the packaging. Such a direct production chain minimizes their CO2footprint through short transport distances and ensures strict quality control at every stage of production.

Which wood is used for the handles?

The handles of the Liebwerk toothbrushes are made of FSC-certified Swiss beech wood.

Where does the wood come from and what are the bristles made of?

The FSC wood comes from the St. Gallen Rhine Valley and the Zurich Oberland.

The bristles are made of nylon (PA 6.12). Its softness, bendability and durability make nylon a high-quality bristle material for modern toothbrushes.

Are there compostable bristles?

There is currently no compostable alternative to nylon, other than animal products such as wild boar hair. However, this material cannot be used from both an ecological and a hygienic point of view: the hair comes from industrial plants, which are often located in China, and is also hollow inside, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bioplastic alternatives based on renewable raw materials are not approved for compost due to the long mining times and are also usually mixed with chemical additives.

Important! In general, there are tiny hooks made of stainless steel in the bristle head which are necessary to fix the bristles, these hooks must also not get into the compost.

How to dispose of the toothbrush?

Simply break off the bristle head of the toothbrush and dispose of it in normal household waste. The handle itself is 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of in green waste.

Liebwerk, of course!

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