Homecoming beeswax cloth in set of 2 (25 x 25cm) - various designs

  • 20.90 CHF

Made in Switzerland!

Fresh, tasty and longer-lasting - Food in the beeswax cloth

In Muri Canton Aargau, the Heller beekeeping company produces these fantastic beeswax cloths. From our own beekeeping and 100% from natural raw materials. Certified cotton, pine resin and organic coconut oil are used for production. Andrea & Philipp Heller produce products for the whole family in their own family company in conscientious manual work and with great attention to detail. Each beeswax cloth a UNIKAT.

On the table, on the yard, at work or in the refrigerator - beeswax wipes are so versatile and impress with their simplicity in handling. Beeswax wipes replace plastic bags, aluminium or plastic wrap and are used directly to keep food fresh. Whether fruits, vegetables, sandwiches or for covering dishes, there are no limits to the variety. When the beeswax cloths are placed over a bowl, they can be easily formed with their own body heat. They are breathable, protect the environment from strong odours and keep your food fresh for a long time.

Antibacterial & Eco-Friendly

Effortless cleaning by washing off with a mild detergent, directly under the tap (don't be hot wash, otherwise the cloth loses its wax). Let us be inspired by sustainable alternatives and let us take care of our Mother Earth together. Every step, however small, is a beginning in a rethink.


  • 100% Made in Switzerland
  • genuine handmade
  • Certified cotton
  • Odourless and supple organic coconut oil
  • Contents: 2x size M (25 x 25cm)
  • wash off under lukewarm water directly under the faucet
  • up to 1 year not suitable
  • organic
  • carton packaging (made in Switzerland)

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