About Chnöpfli

My name is Sabrina Garbin, also known as Ängeli among friends and acquaintances :-)

As a mom, I always asked myself why all the baby & child products always have to cost so much. I was looking for alternative shopping options without having to go to junk level. Difficult without shopping abroad. THAT was my challenge and from then on I took care of changing it.

True to the motto: small customers-small prices became a dream come true.TODAY, my total sustainability idea flows into my daily purchase decisions, so that you can now find many great ecological products for your everyday life with me.

With my entrepreneurial spirit, my heart in the right place, with a lot of courage and my sense of social justice, we scraped together all our savings and founded on November 1st, 2016 Chnöpfli - the elephant-strong online shop. I am very proud of my husband & partner, who supports me every day in my project and, whenever possible, gives me the necessary support and trust. THANK YOU at this point! He supports me with his existence in the background and is the contact person when it comes to technical, IT questions or accounting.In 2019, Chnöpfli finally became Chnöpfli GmbH. The first employee in the warehouse and the move into retail in the B2B area are among my biggest milestones. I am extremely happy and grateful to DO my work with love and joy every day :-) It pays to be a success with all my heart. It not only gives me confirmation that I am on the right path, no, it now generates a living for me and my family, occupational provisions and helps us to grow further. THANKS!

With a lot of love, passion and dedication, I would like to give you a special kind of shopping experience. Chnöpfli offers you an elephant-strong service with a lot of "do how" and a personal and professional contact person.

Whenever you are looking for practical and useful utensils for everything to do with eating and drinking, you have come to the right place! Even if something is not in the range, speak to me and let me find your desired product. I love challenges, because your satisfaction is my reward! 

The manufacturers of all my products in the shop guarantee that their contents have been checked and examined and that all strict guidelines, laws and regulations are adhered to.Only reliable products manage to be accepted by Chnöpfli, as they are always tested by us and our friends. If it doesn't fix it, the product has to move on ...

Be curious and keep checking back at Chnöpfli- the elephant-strong online shop. Due to the constant growth, I am always able to attract new brands at the best price / performance ratio and offer them to you via Chnöpfli. 

I am very happy to convince you of my range and look forward to many exciting encounters. Be it at the markets, trade fairs, during warehouse shopping or Chnöpfli on tour.

Did you know? You can book me for an event, for personal advice on the topic of morning snack in kindergarten or school, as a specialist partner of your event or as an advertising ambassador in your shop. Or are you looking for a sponsor for your club, charity or a special event? As a reliable B2B partner, we can do great things together. I'm always open to collaborations, joint projects and exciting collaborations, talk to me :-)

A warm and warm greeting

Sabrina Garbin