In the heart

"In the heart" is a joint project of three private individuals under the roof of Chnopfli.

Together with the wonderful man Stefan Leumann and my esteemed husband I organize the Charity Christmas occasion for Swiss families in need.

The goal is to give these people a day without sorrow and worry, as well as a lot of joy in their hearts. We want to give you courage, confidence and faith in yourself. Meet people at eye level and show them that they are not alone. We cannot help everyone, BUT we can open our eyes in society, bury prejudices and open our hearts. We only have this one life that has been given to us, so we help the people who need our help to give you some happiness as well. It takes courage to approach others with a pure heart and reach out to you. But it takes a lot more courage for many aid seekers to accept that.

For more information, please visit the website Charity occasion.