SAWOO - high quality, vegan shaving set "Woolive" - ​​5 pcs. For man & woman in gift packaging - with free razor shell protective cover

  • 159.00 CHF

A real wood classic for man & woman

Final with disposable & plastic shaver

Woolive stands for "Wood" & "Olive"

Let yourself be enchanted by the elegance and the beauty of this sustainable shaving set. In the form of a 5-piece wetrasure, we make women's and men's hearts equally faster. Woolive consists of an olive wood razor, a non-slip shaving stand, a vegan shaving brush, a stainless steel shaver and 10 stainless razor blades. Beautifully packed in the gift box this is a noble gift for yourself or your favorite.

To Grossfather's times the shaver was widespread. In comparison with the razors of today he was a lot more durable, more stable and when changing the blade, only the blade had to be changed at that time. Over time, however, the classic razor planer disappeared from the bathrooms and plastic disposable razor took its place.Plastic waste that would not really have to be. You have a disposable razor of plastic and think about to buy a razor planer?With the Zero Waste razor of SAWOO you do not just bring more sustainableIn your bathroom, but also a thorough and gentle shave. How many times you have to change the blade comes entirely for which body points and how often they are used, flat-rate information is not possible here.

Expensive accessories - no thanks!

This eco-friendly shaving planer in noble olive wood design fits into each bathroom. He is equally suitable for women and men. If you have a SAWOO razor, you can switch to another wet razor with the razies, because these are like earlier, all compatible. That is not just our purse, but also nature. Less garbage = more quality of life. A razie replacement blade to this planer costs just 49 rappens (cheaper than any disposable razor). The acquisition of a Sawoo razor is all worthwhile, because included are 10 stainless blades. The used razor blades can be collected in a tin can and thus be recycled environmentally friendly.

Why an animal dress-free razor brush?

With this shaving brush Sawoo deliberately renounces real hair. This brings with themselves some advantages: no roofs need to be hunted to produce a flawless shaving brush. The hair of the nylon fibers is thin and supple at the front and is slightly thicker in the middle, which in turn leads to a longer life. Duch the softness can be set up the shaving foam / shaving soap much creamy and is massaged in gentle in the skin.

Is the set suitable for women?

Clearly: Yes! At a 30 ° angle and almost without pressure, the shaver slides smoothly over the skin tensioned with the fingers. It requires trust and a little exercise :-) Do not worry, it's a great experience. If the place to be shaved is still optimally prepared, then the shave with the razor does not stand in the way. You will find a guide to the right wet shaving directly at the manufacturer on the Homepage of Sawoo.

SAWOO products are made entirely plastic and animals free of pets and also shipped plastic-free. The shipping is free for you :-)

The Woolive Set is a long-term acquisition and pretty packaging also ideal as a gift for man & woman.

  • incl. Free Razor shave worth CHF 8.90
  • High quality & stable
  • 5 pieces set in gift wrapping
  • Non-slip shaving stand made of chrome steel and olive wood
  • Shaving planer made of olive wood with a zinc metal head
  • Vegan olive wood - razor brush with high quality nylon fibers
  • Shaving bowl made of stainless steel
  • Includes 10 razor blades (razies)
  • Suitable for all body zones
  • Unisex for man & woman


Shaving brush: Height 10.5 cm, Ø Stand: 3.4 cm, Weight: 85g
Shaving stand: Height 15.4 cm, brush opening: 3 cm, razor opening: 1.3 cm; 228g
Shaving planer: Height 11.8 cm, head: 2.5 x 4.4 cm; Weight: 78g
Shaving bowl: Height: 2.8 cm, Ø floor: 5.3 cm, Ø Opening: 8.7 cm; Weight: 35g
Razor blades: Universal size, packaging: 2.7 x 4.8 cm
Gift box L x B x H: 22.3 x 15.8 x 9.50 cm
Total weight: 852g

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